Drawing down the Moon for courage to follow your dreams:

Stand out under the moonlight (if you can't no worries :) Luna's energy is all around us. No need to smudge if you are out in nature under the Moon's cleansing rays. If you are inside, smudge yourself and prepare for your moon ceremony.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground, place a grounding stone by your feet, lift your hands holding your courage stone)s) to the sky and gaze up at the moon.

Take deep breathes, commune with Luna

Close your eyes and imagine Her glowing rays wash over you, from the top of your crown chakra all the way down in your body.

Feel this energy whirl and move through you.

You are glowing inside and out with Luna's magical energy.

From here, you can lower your arms and hands to your heart and say a blessing to the Moon, yourself, to the Universe, to your stone, whatever you feel called to do. Imagine yourself taking the risk you need to take. What would that look and feel like? take time to visualize this.

When you are ready release this energy to the Universe, see this light growing and expanding out from you, filling and wrapping around the Earth and expanding out to the rest of the milky way and beyond.

You have raised your vibration and your consciousness.

Whatever lingering energy you feel, send it into Mother Earth; feel the energy moving through your legs and feet into the ground or your grounding stone.

And so it is.

This can take 5 minutes, or an hour, whatever you want to do.

make sure to write down any thoughts, reflections, and images that came to you during this ceremony. You have charged your stones with courage and energy, so carry them with you and when you feel doubt, hold them and reconnect with them. Remember what you visualized with Luna.

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