Cording:: A ritual of release was born out of the back and forth dance I was doing of releasing and then feeling overwhelmed, consumed again, by what I thought I let go of. With the help of KV from Aquarius Nation, it hit me. How I needed to ritualize this concept. Bring it to life and turn a metaphor into a tangible thing. Something I could touch and feel.

Being set free from these gremlins I had running rampant in my body has left me ready to harness my power for myself, instead of letting something else have it. We all have something or someone we need to release from our lives. It's not easy work. It means we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and the role we've played in allowing these creatures inside, past all of our boundaries.

I'm not saying this is it. That this is the key to happiness, the key to nirvana, but I am saying it helps. If you show up and do the work, you will be rewarded.

This kit is a little selection of items I found helpful, to finally cut the cords and heal. I offer them to you with an open heart because love, you need to show the world your beauty. We need it. I promise.

This is me, extending a hand to you.

To read more about this ritual and get your hands on these goodies, visit Gypsy Moth Sol's page here...